Heart Failure Causes in Seniors

Heart Failure Causes in Seniors

Millions of people around the world suffer from heart failure, and the number of patients with this diagnosis is growing every year. We all heard about this disease, but can we recognize its symptoms and respond to them correctly? Is everything in order with our parents, and does the heart failure in old age threaten us? To stay healthy as long as possible, you need time to think about these issues. You should not consider heart failure as a disease that arose independently. Experts say that the failure of one or more body systems leads to this dangerous condition.

A very common factor causing heart failure in old age is narrowing of the arteries that deliver oxygen to the heart muscle. Moreover, such a disorder of blood vessels may occur not only in mature but also at a very young age. Statistics show that, on average, 10 of 1000 patients who have crossed the threshold of their 70th birthday are diagnosed with heart failure. The disease most often affects women, since older men are more likely to die from vascular disease before they lead to heart failure. The next factor is arterial hypertension, which is characterized by increased stress on the heart. Because of this, the vital organ grows in size, the heart muscle weakens, leading to the failure of heart in a patient.

Arrhythmia (irregular contraction), which violates the rhythm of filling the heart with blood and its release, can lead to the development of the disease in old age. Experts believe that the most dangerous condition is when the heart makes more than 140 beats per minute. Other factors that can trigger the development of heart failure in old age are:

  • Change in the structure of the valve, which violates the process of the flow of blood to the heart;
  • Inflammation of the heart muscle due to alcoholic, infectious, or toxic damage;
  • Hormone failure;
  • Addiction to alcohol or drugs.

Usually, going on a well-deserved rest, the elderly person becomes less physically active. Because of this, signs of cardiovascular diseases can develop faster, but be less pronounced. It is not uncommon for patients to have two or three conditions at the same time that can lead to heart failure in old age. About Medigap: Elderly who’re 65 and over and living in the US can consider AARP Medicare supplement plans found at https://www.bestmedicaresupplementplans2019.com/aarp-medicare-supplement-2019/ supplemental coverage to pay for costs like deductibles , copay, etc.