Edema in Seniors: Diagnosis and Preventative Measures

Edema in Seniors: Diagnosis and Preventative Measures


An elderly person suffering from swelling of the legs may experience an increase in the tissue of the lower extremities, they become more loose with a soft texture. In this situation, doctors may conduct a special test for the diagnosis of edema in the patient. Also, the presence of edema can be diagnosed by visual inspection. Determination of lymphatic edema is performed using various tests including blood, urine, ultrasound of the vessels of the legs and venography. If a crease does not form during the seizure of the skin of the foot, the patient is diagnosed with edema.

Even if leg edema tortures an elderly person less often and does not cause severe discomfort, preventive measures should be followed to prevent complications. Often, the reason for the formation of edema of the legs in older people is the wrong shoes – too high heels, or too flat. The best option would be shoes with medium heels, they can also improve blood circulation, and as a result, the probability of edema will be minimized. In addition, in such shoes, the legs are likely to get tired the least.

As you know, edemas are formed as a result of the accumulation of excessive amounts of inter-cellular fluid. In turn, water in the body retains salt. Try to use as little salt as possible. Be especially careful in the summer season, when the constant feeling of thirst is especially increased. Lack of physical activity can lead not only to the appearance of edema in an elderly person but also to the development of more serious diseases (varicose veins, for example). Keep this in mind and try to do at least two or three exercises every day.

Non-compliance with the daily regimen will certainly affect the state of your body at any age. At times, it might even lead to edema in senior citizens. The use of certain medications can lead to edema in the elderly. In the event of a similar problem, consult your doctor, who will help you pick the right medication based on your requirements. Supplemental Health Coverage: AARP Medicare supplement plans https://www.medicaresupplementplans2019.com/aarp-medicare-supplement-plans-2019/ assist in paying for costs including coinsurance, deductible, etc. for over 65 seniors in the United States.